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Product Listings

Stocks – North America Click on Read more link below to find details on products traded, order types available, and exchange website information… COUNTRY/REGION MARKET CENTER DETAILS PRODUCTS HOURS1 United States ArcaEdge (ARCAEDGE) Stocks (OTCBB) Monday – Friday: 8:00-16:00 Bats BYX (BYX) Stocks 8:00 – 17:00 ET Bats Global Markets (BATS) Stocks Monday – Friday:…

Securities Financing 

Overview Availability Our depth of availability not only helps to locate hard-to-borrow securities but also gives you protection against buy-ins and recalls View available securities for shorting in real time by: Adding the Shortable Shares, Fee Rate and Rebate Rate column in Trader Workstation (TWS) to view the number of available shares for shorting, the…

Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Program Overview Earn extra income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account by allowing GPS to borrow shares from you in exchange for cash collateral, and then lend the shares to traders who want to sell them short and are willing to pay interest to borrow them. Each day that your stock…