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Thank you for choosing Global Pacific Securities US Inc. as your broker dealer. If you have any account opening related questions, please feel free to contact GPS.


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Things to Keep in Mind when you open an account with GPS

1. GPS Clears through IBKR. During the account opening process, you will need to submit proof of identity, date of birth, and address twice, once for GPS and once for IBKR. The documents shall be only in JPG or PDF formats.

2. Pay attention when you choose your nationality. It’s easy to be overlooked and cannot be changed by the customer once submitted. It may prolong the process if there is an error.

3. Be careful when you input your income and net worth, especially if you are retired, you shall make a reasonable choice that you can provide proof of if being questioned.

4. Review carefully before submitting the application, make sure there is no error or missing information. Once it’s submitted, it will be under review, and you won’t be able to revise it.

5. When your application is being reviewed, you shall log on to your client portal frequently to check if there is any new message or supplement request being posted.

6. You can fund your account while the application is under review, which may expedite the application process, or you may make the deposit after the account is opened. To complete the deposit, you must first log on to your client portal, register your bank. Usually, you will need to provide the bank’s name, bank account number, and a nickname for easy identification. There are several ways to deposit money, wire transfer is recommended. Although there might be a small fee involved, this is the fastest way. Theoretically, any wire transfer that takes place before 4 PM can be deposited the same day, but we would recommend wiring the money before 2 PM to be secure. You can go to your client portal to check the deposit status.