Global Pacific Securities Investment Conference

Wall Street Securities and Futures Club

2022 Summer Dinner Party

and Global Pacific Futures Soft Opening Ceremony

On July 29, 2022, from 4:30-8:30 pm, Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, Global Pacific Securities US Inc. (GPS), and Global Pacific Futures US Inc. (GPFU) successfully held the “Global Pacific Securities Investment Conference, Wall Street Securities and Futures Club 2022 Summer Dinner Party, and Global Pacific Futures Soft Opening Ceremony” at 19w 26th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY.  – Club Artosinoforyou.

The event was co-sponsored by Club Artosinoforyou, Metis Asset Management Advisory LLC, Oceanus Research LLC, CSquare Capital Advisors LLC, TJ Capital Management, AMFA LLC, Princeton Investments and Technologies LLC, EastAlliance, Knightsbridge Partners Inc, Beijing Shengquan Capital Management Co, Big Fish Value Arb Fund, WinShore Capital, ForYou Capital, and Wisdom Capital. The event was covered by Sina Finance, Overseas Chinese News, GCTV, New York Online, American Chinese TV Station, World Daily, and Chinese Biz News.

Nearly a hundred guests attended the event, and they expressed their views and insights on the topics of macroeconomics and inflation, futures and options investment, investment of U.S. stocks, private equity investment, etc. Many guests delivered wonderful speeches and shared their opinions. The atmosphere was welcoming, people exchanged ideas with each other, raised a glass of wine and tasted good food.

At 4:30 pm, the Global Pacific Securities Investment Conference officially started. The host, Ms. Ming Cen, introduced the guests, agenda of the event, and expressed heartfelt welcome and appreciation to all the guests who came to the event. Afterwards, Mr. Gusheng Zhou, President of Fudan Entrepreneurs & Executives Club-USA (FEEC-USA) introduced organizers and co-organizers, he gave a brief opening speech; then, Dr. Gang Hu, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of WinShore Capital represented Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, making a short speech to wish the event a success.

Then, Dr. Zhu Ning, Portfolio Manager of New York Life Insurance, gave a presentation on “Current Macroeconomics and Inflation”.

Next, Dr. Chen Li, one of the founding investors of Big Fish Quantitative Fund, gave a keynote speech on “Futures Options Investment”.

Next, Mr. Guo Yafu, a senior Wall Street investment expert and Founder and CEO of TJ Capital Management, expressed his opinions on the theme of “U.S. stock investment”.

Finally, Mr. Qu Zhengzhe, Founder and CEO of Global Pacific Securities US Inc. (GPS) and Global Pacific Futures US Inc. (GPFU), delivered a speech based on “Private Equity Investment”.

After the conference, we moved on to “Wall Street Securities and Futures Club

2022 Summer Dinner Party”. The host, Mr. Zhengzhe Qu gave a short opening speech and again thanked and welcomed all the guests. Then, Mr. Xiang Song, the President of the Fudan American Alumni Association (New York); Mr. Lawrence X. Pan, Managing Director of Asia Pacific of NASDAQ; Mr. Oliver Bergmann, Global Pacific Securities US CIO; Mr. Jerry Balan, Strategic Partnerships of KiwiTech; Mr. Joseph J. Mazza, Senior Compliance Advisor at GPFU; Dr.  David Zhang, President of TCFA; Mr. Frank Mah, Executive Director of TCC; Dr. Kevin Chen, CEO of Edoc Acquisition Corporation; Mr. Zhang Hongfei, managing partner at Knightsbridge; Dr. Winston Ma, Co-Founder of CloudTree Ventures; Dr. Jin Wang, Chairman of FinTell Financial Services; Mr. Matthew Li, Director of Financial Service, NDP Group; Dr. Dajing Guo, Senior MD and Head of Investment Banking Revere Securities LLC; as the guest speakers expressed their sincere congratulations on the opening of Global Pacific Futures US.

This event invited colleagues and professional investors of securities, futures and funds from the US, Europe and China. Other invited guests for this event were (in alphabetical order): Andy Zhong, Chairman of EastAlliance; Aurora Maher, Chairman of AMFA LLC; Chao Chen, CEO & Partner of CSquare Capital Advisors, LLC; Charles, MD of CTRYY; Charlie Peng, MD of Bank of China (New York); Charlie Zheng, CEO of Ying Cao Law LLC; Chris Peng, Partner of North American Ecosystem Institute; Cindie Yu, Chairman of Cindie LLC; Dahai Guo, Chairman & CEO of ZENNOVA; Duke Du, VP of Operation of Velox; Damian Miodek, Client Development Specialist of Velox; Fei Chen, Partner of Pryor Cashman LLP; Guoxiang Hu, Chairman of HBM Group Group; Hao Li, Vice President of Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York; Hefeng Yu, Chairman of Shanghai Yutong; Jerry Wang, CEO of Haitou Global; Jiasai Xu, Partner of Merrill Lynch; Jing Liu, Vice Chairman of RUC North America Alumni Association; Jing Lu, CFO of Keyarch Acquisition, a publicly listed SPAC; Jingjiang Peng, Portfolio Manager of Hedge Fund; Julia Lu, Lawyer of Ashurst; Kevin Rao, MD of Bank of America; Kui Sun, Chairman of Globe Moment (Beijing) Investment Co.; Linzhe Nie, Vice President of Peking University Alumni Association of Greater New York; Mei Shi, Partner of Jasper Capital; Nadia Tian, Co-founder of Bridge Point Capital; Ron Wang, Chairman of Princeton Investments and Technologies LLC; Scott Qu, President of Columbia University Blockchain Organization; Shenghua Hu, Chairman of Silvan Group; Shukang Xue, Chairman of New York Culture and Entertainment Corporation; Stephen Kamp, MD of VELOX; Sunny Wang, The Head of Broad USA; Susan Li, YSL&Associates; Weiming Yan, President of The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA; Weiqin Dong, Chairman of Metis; Wendy wang, Partner of Real estate broker; Yan Zhang, Partner of Peta Capital; Yansong Jiang, Partner of IBeeHub Inc.; Ying Cao, Partner of Ying Cao Law LLC; Yue Zhong, Chairman of USA NY Online Corp.; Yuejuan Weng, Vice President of Fudan American Alumni Association; Yuying Qian, President of USTCAAGNY,and other people.

During the party, everyone was free to communicate, share their experiences and meet friends, and the event ended successfully in a cooperative atmosphere. All guests expressed their expectations for the future. We believe that through our collective efforts, we will be able to overcome the obstacles and work together to achieve win-win cooperation and mutual success!