Global Pacific Securities US Inc Anniversary Celebration and Investment Presentation

Global Pacific Securities US Inc Anniversary Celebration and Investment Presentation Global Pacific Securities US Inc. (referred to as GPS) held the ” Global Pacific Securities Anniversary Celebration & Investment Webinar” On August 13, 2021. From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm ET, the Anniversary Celebration was held at The Capital Grille. From 7:30–9:30 pm, the Investment Webinar was successfully held on the 110 Wall Street 6th floor and ZOOM. The event was hosted by GPS, co-organized by ForYou Capital, Wisdom Global Capital, Yabo International, Oceanus Research, METIS, CrowdThnk, CINDIE accountants and Advisers. It also undertook by the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club (referred to as WSSFC). Overseas Chinese News, New York Online, GCTV and Chinese Biz News reported the event.

The Anniversary Celebration in the morning was first addressed by Mr. Zhengzhe Qu, CEO of GPS and Chairman of WSSFC. After that, Gusheng Zhou, President of Fudan Entrepreneur Executive Club and Partner of Foryou Capital, Xiang Song, President of Fudan University American Alumni Association, Guoxiang Hu, Chairman of HBM Group, Xuejun Mao, President of China Merchants Bank New York Branch, Wenkui Yang, Chairman of Tsinghua University New York Alumni Association, and Huaqiang Ma, Vice President of American Chinese Investment and Trading Association, and Xinyi Yu, CEO of CINDIE CPA Firm, delivered speeches and expressed congratulations. Afterward, the guests had a luncheon at The Capital Grille.

The Investment Webinar was held on the 110 Wall Street 6th floor and Zoom in the evening. At the beginning of the meeting, the host, Mr. Zhengzhe Qu, introduced the guests, organizers, co-organizers, and undertakers, the meeting agenda, and gave a welcome speech. He expressed a heartfelt thanks to all the guests and a warm welcome for all participating Guests.

The Investment Webinar officially started afterward. Dr. Ning Zhu, New York Life Insurance Portfolio Manager, delivered a speech on Dollar Trading Strategy. His speech included discussions on the new developments of the U.S. dollar after the 2020 plunge, the long-term fundamentals of the U.S. dollar, and the relationship between structural fiscal and trade deficits, the U.S. macroeconomic situation, Fed policies, and market expectations.

Then Oliver Bergmann, the CIO and Managing Director of GPS, delivered a keynote speech on Introduction to Wall Street Securities Market. The address included the responsibilities of Wall Street brokers and dealers in the market, methodology to provide customers wanted products, discussions related to compliance and supervision.

Subsequently, Mr. Xiaowei Jiang, the founder of Oceanus Research, gave a speech on the “U.S. Stock Market Investment Logic.” His speech covered the introduction of the macro-level economy in 2021, S&P and historical valuation analysis, and factors that currently impact the stock market, and the status quo of China’s concept stocks. At the end of the speech, he showed the audience a complete set of long-term strategies and elaborated on the details.

Last, Ms. Weiqin Dong, the founder and chief investment officer of METIS Asset Management Company in New York, gave a speech on U.S. Asset Allocation. The content of the address included: Reviewing the United States historical return for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, and 100 years, discussing the long-term impact of inflation on the market and explaining the long-term factors that make the core price stable.

After the keynote speech, the meeting entered the Q/A session. Questions included: Under the pressure of inflation, what are the main risks faced by the US dollar? As the schedule for shrinking the balance sheet is approaching, has the capital already been deployed in the Asian market? What are the main difficulties in the supervision of SMEs? How to market to long-term customers? Will policy risks make China concept stocks undervalued for a long time? Will infrastructure and core real assets become the mainstream of asset allocation in the future? Predicting stock market trends in the second half of the year. etc.

This event invited nearly a hundred peers from securities, futures, fund industry and professional investors from North America, Europe, and China to participate. The honorable guests were (in alphabetical order):
Andy Zhong, CEO of EastAlliance; Angelene Huang, founder of New York Coffee; Ying Cao, founder of Ying Cao Law LLC; Weiqin Dong, CEO of METIS; Wei Fan, Senior Recruiter of Options Group; Xiaowei Jiang, CEO of Oceanus Research; Chairman of the Silvan Group; President of HBM Group,Inc; Chairman of Renmin University Alumni Association; Jianye Liu, Hong Kong Investment Expert; Vice President of the Chinese Investment and Trading Association; Xuejun Mao, President of China Merchants Bank New York Branch; Oliver A. Bergmann, CIO of GPS; Kun Qian, Chairman of Sanxun Group; Xiang Song, President of the Fudan University American Alumni Association; Xiang Tang, Chairman of Shenzhen Tiansongxiang Company; Xinhui Tang, Fidelity Service Managing Partner; Jinlong Wang, CEO of Haitou Global; Yuejuan Weng, New York real estate investment expert; Shanchen Xia, Dean of US-China Advanced Business Research Institute; Shukang Xue, Partner of New York Culture and Entertainment Corporation; Wenkui Yang, Chairman of Tsinghua University Greater New York Alumni Association; Xinyi Yu, CEO of CINDIE Accountants and Advisers; Xiaopeng Zheng, CEO of Cao Ying Law LLC; Ning Zhu, Managing Director of MacKay Shield LLC; Gusheng Zhou, Founding Partner of Fuyou Capital and President of Fudan American Alumni Entrepreneur Executive Club; Zhong Yue, President of Hunan Chamber of Commerce(America).

(The presenters and guests in attendance were not affiliated with GPS.)