2021 Investment Research Report Meeting set sail again

The 2021 investment report meeting of Wall Street Securities and Futures Club (referred to as WSSFC) was successfully held online through ZOOM. The event was hosted by Wall Street Securities and Futures Club (WSSFC), co-organized by ForYou Capital, Wisdom Global Capital, Yabo International, Oceanus Research, METIS, and CrowdThnk, and undertook by Global Pacific Securities U.S. Inc. (GPS). The media for the meeting was reported by Overseas Chinese News and New York Online.

At the beginning of the meeting, the host, Mr. Qu Zhengzhe (CEO of US Pacific Securities Company and Chairman of the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club), introduced the guests, agenda, organizers, co-organizers, and undertakers. He gave a welcome speech to express heartfelt thanks to all guests and a warm welcome to the participants who participated in the online activities. Through this meeting, he wished that all parties could continue to overcome obstacles, brave the wind and waves, cooperate, and develop together for a win-win situation in the future.

The research report meeting began after the opening. Mr. Jiang Xiaowei, the founder of Oceanus Research, firstly delivered a speech on “Deep Understanding of Quantamental Strategy.” His speech included: investment logic and challenges in the post-epidemic era, the characteristics and concerns of investors in the post-epidemic era as well as further investment prospects. By analyzing the application of quantamental strategy in the industry, he explained the similarities and differences between quantamental and traditional fundamental analysis, the investment logic and process of the quantamental strategy, and the latest quantamental approaches. He featured multiple new factors, including broader information sources, advanced modeling, and more profound machine learning applications. 

Ms. Dong Weiqin, the founder and chief investment officer of New York Mettis Asset Management Company, delivered the second speech on the topic of “The U.S. Economy and Stock Market Trends in the Second Half of 2021?” The content stated that the economic recovery in the second half of the year indicated the low possibility of economic recession, and the Fed’s policy to support the economy would cause the unemployment rate to continue to fall. The speech explained how inflationary pressure and the Fed’s early interest rate hike would affect economic recovery in the long term. She also predicted that the bull market would continue, but risks would increase in the second half of the year. 

After the keynote speech, the meeting provided a question-and-answer session. Questions include: the latest developments in Wall Street quantitative trading and ML; under current market conditions, how can investors use quantitative strategies? The impact of the contradiction between the continued easy monetary policy of the Fed and expected interest rate hikes on the U.S. stock market. Investors’ strategy in the context of the continued bull market but increasing risks. And several other questions.

This report invited nearly a hundred colleagues and professional investors from securities, futures, and funds from North America, Europe, and China to participate. The guests invited to attend this event are (ranked in alphabetical order): 

Mr. Chen Kaifeng, Head of Chinese Trading and Investment Association; Mr. Chen Yang, Managing Director, Risk and Quantitative Analysis Group;Dr. Ding Daqing, Founder of Soloway Capital & Ventures, Inc; Mr. Du Yunsong, Founder of the Wall Street United Financial Reception; Ms. Gong Qian, President of CUHK Alumni;Dr. Hu Gang, Partner of WINSHORE Capital;Dr. Hu Shenghua, Chairman of the Silvan Group; Mr. Hu Guoxiang, President of HBM Group,Inc. Ms. Liu Jing, Chairman of Renmin University Alumni Association; Mr. Ma Huaqiang, Vice President of the Chinese Investment and Trading Association; Mr. Mo Hengyong(Henry Mo), Chief Economist of AIG; Mr. Mao Xuejun, President of Wuhan University Alumni Association; Mr. Peng Qian, Former Chairman of the American Asian Financial Association; Ms.Qian Yuying,President of the University of Science and Technology of China Alumni Association;;Mr. Song Xiang, President of the Fudan University American Alumni Association; Dr. Xu YouYu, Partner of LibreMax;;Dr. Yan Ming, Partner of Karya Capital; Mr. Yang Wenkui, Chairman of the Tsinghua University Alumni Association; Ms. Yu Ge, President of the Peking University Alumni Association; Dr. Zhu Ning, Managing Director of MacKay Shield LLC; Mr.Zhou GuSheng, Founding Partner of For you Capital, Ms. Zhang Weini, President of Astosino; Dr. Zhang Hongfei, Chairman of KIG capital; Mr. Zhong Yue, President of Hunan Chamber of Commerce(America);

Through the exchange of research reports and Q&A, all guests and participants shared Wall Street quantitative trading strategies and professional research on the trend of U.S. stocks in the second half of the year, which enhanced the attendees to grasp the capital market trading opportunities and investment strategies in today’s changing times. After a year away, the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club WSSFC Investment Research Report will set sail again!