2020 Wall Street Securities & Futures Club New Year Party was successfully hold

On January 21, 2020 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm-9: 00 pm EDT, the 2020 Wall Street Securities & Futures New Year Party was successfully held at 1600 broadway, 4fl, New York. The event was hosted by Wisdom Global Capital, Wisdom Real Estate, and Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, and was co-organized by For You Capital, Astosino, and Fudan American Alumni Entrepreneur Executive Club. The cooperation media for the event are: Overseas Chinese News, New York Online, China Business Daily, and Global China TV GCTV

At the beginning of the reception,The host XiaoYue Zhang introduced the agenda of the the 2020 Wall Street Securities & Futures New Year Party.Then Mr. Qu Zhengzhe , the guest host represented and also the chairman of Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, the founder of Wisdom Global Capital. delivered a welcome speech, expressing heartfelt thanks, and himself Blessings to the guests,  look forward to continuing the cooperation in the future with each other and achieving a win-win situation. Subsequently, Then, as the representatives of the co-organizer, Mr.Zhou GuSheng, the founding partner of For you Capital, and Ms. Zhang Weini, The President of Astosino, delivered a welcome speech. After their welcome speech, the conference invited guest representatives to deliver speeches, including: Mr. Du Yunsong, founder of the Wall Street United Financial Recepiton;Mr. Peng Qian, the former Chairman of the American Asian Financial Association of; Mr. Wang Yishu, The Chairman of the American Chinese Financial Association(Washintong district); Mr. Ma HuaQiang, the Vice President of the Chinese Investment and Trading Association; Mr. Song Xiang, the President of the Fudan University American Alumni Association; Mr. Yang Wenkui, The Chairman of the Tsinghua University Alumni Association; Ms. Yu Ge, President of the Peking University Alumni Association; Mr Chaohua Li, the former Chairman of the Chinese University Alumni Alliance and the Sun Yat-Sen University Alumni Association; Mr. XueJun Mao, the president of Wuhan University Alumni Association. After the guest speeches, the party entered into an other important stage. Leading by Dr. Cen Ming,the head of investment strategy of vassalou Capital, five senior Wall Street experts were invited to the stage to give their respective keynote speeches. They were: Dr. Kaifen Chen, The Chairman of the Chinese Trading and Investment Association, the theme of his speech is: 2020 global market is happy or worrying; Dr. Gang Hu, the partner of WINSHORE Capital, the theme of his speech is: Investment Opportunities In 2020 capital market; Dr. HuaSheng Hu, The chairman of the Silvan Group,The speech of his theme is: Sino-US Trade War and Real Estate Bridge Loan Fund; Dr. Hongfei Zhang, the Chairman of KIG capital, the topic of his speech is: The Investment of VC and Catering Fund; Dr.Ming Yan,Karya Capital, Speech Topic: 2020 Risk Management.

The organizer also invited: Dr.Ning Zhu, The Managing Director of MacKay Shield LLC; Dr.YouYu Xu, The Partner of LibreMax; Professor Yuling Yang, The famous Chinese artist; Professor He Huang, The former president of Peking University Alumni Association; Ms. ZhuJun Pan, The Vice President of Peking University Alumni Association; Ms. Xiang Zhu, The Managing Director of American Trust; Mr. Yue Zhong,The President of Hunan Chamber of Commerce(America); Mr. Shanchen Xia, Dean of US-China Advanced Business Research Institute; Mr.Gangqiang Xia, Morgan Stanley Managing Director; Dr.Hui Kong, Research in Bank of America; Mr.Kaiqi Zhang,  The CEO of Astosino; Ms.Weiqin Dong, The Founder of METIS Asset Management Company; Ms.Jing Liu, The Chairman of Renmin University Alumni Association; Dr.Daqing Ding, The Founder of Soloway Capital & Ventures, Inc; Mr. Shukang Xue, The Partner of New York Culture and Entertainment Corporation; Ms. Danye Wang,The Founder of Unicareer; Mr.Qun Sheng, The Founder of Shanghai Aiwei Smart and SensaSound USA LLC; Dr. Ling Ma,  The Chief Strategist of Dingxin Capital; Mr. Qiwei Shi, USA Director of Investment Research, Cozy Investment Co., Ltd ; Dr. Xiaotao Wu, JP Morgan Wealth Management; Ms. Zhen Zuo, The Founder of Zuo Zhen Educational Real Estate Company; Mr.Jinlong Wang, The President of Haitou Company; Mr. Ken, The President of Global Pacific Securities; Mr. Oliver, The Vice president of Global Pacific Securities; Mr.Shiwei Snag,  The Senior Software Engineer of Tradewind; Dr.Huashi Xia and other Wall Street financial and investment elites, as well as the partners of Wisdom Global Capital and Wisdom Real Estate, including Yang Li, Yang & Associate PC; Peng Fang, Andersen Tax, Andersen Tax; Yu Xinyi, Cindie LLC, and more than 50 units and senior executives, to the New Year Party. People talked about friendship, promoted cooperation and common development.

In order to create a better communication environment, the organizer specially invited professionals to perform live performances. The guests enjoyed the performance in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, had dinner together, and the scene was warm and welcoming. The whole atmosphere was friendly, warm and harmonious. The 2020 Wall Street Securities Futures Spring Festival Cocktail Reception ended perfectly.