Wisdom Global Capital was invited to attend 2019 TCFA conference

On November 10th, the US East Time, the 2019 National Conference of the Chinese Finance Association (TCFA) was successfully held in New York. The annual meeting invited experts of finance, trade, and investment, from China and the US, to attend the annual meeting and delivered speeches. Experts including The  Vice President and Treasurer of the World Bank, Jingdong Hua.Chief AI Officer at Citadel, Fellow of the National Academy of  Engineering of Canada, Dr.Deng Li.The President and CEO of the Bank of China USA, Mr. Xu Chen. And other academic leaders and academic guests. At the same time, about 800 professionals and practitioners attended the conference. At the invitation of the conference, Mr. Qu Zhengzhe,The  founder of Wisdom Global Capital, Wisdom Global Realty and Chairman of the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, attended the event.

With the background of “Opportunity and Challenge”, the annual meeting discussed 5 topics, respectively. They are  “what opportunities and challenges are faced by foreign companies in the context of further opening up of the financial industry in China?” ,”What are the Opportunities and Challenges Chinese companies facing when they enter and operate in the US market?” “How China-US geopolitical relations will affect China’s opening up policy”,  “How will World trade order effect the global economy,” and ” What are the new prospects that technology, artificial intelligence, and big data are facing?.”