2019 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival,Celebration of the official operation of Wall Street Securities and Futures Club

On September 11th, 2019 (Wednesday), from 5pm to10pm, The 2019 Happy Mid-Autumn event which to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the official opening of the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club was successfully held. The event was hosted by Wisdom Global Capital, Wisdom Real Estate and Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, and was co-organized by For You Capital, Astosino, and Fudan American Alumni Entrepreneur Executive Club.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Qu Zhengzhe, the organizer of this event and the founder of Wisdom Global Capital, also the chairman of Wall Street Securities and Futures Club, delivered an opening speech, introduced the guests and hosted the reception. He first summed up the trial operation of the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club from preparation to the present, and finally announced the Wall Street Securities and Futures Club officially run today. He also showed his appreciation to every guest for their support over the past few years and looked forward to continued cooperation and create a win-win development in the future. Then, as the representatives of the co-organizer, Mr.Zhou GuSheng, the founding partner of For you Capital, and Ms. Zhang Weini, The President of Astosino, delivered a welcome speech, successively. After their speech, Guest representatives: Mo Hengyong(Henry Mo), AIG Chief Economist, Managing Director and Chief Economist of AIG,Chairman of The Chinese Finance Association; Peng Qian, former president of the Asian Financial Association; Yunsong Du, Deputy President of Capital Markets, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corp; Huaqiang Ma, quantitative trading department of Wells Fargo; Changhua Li, Chinese University Alumni Alliance; Xiang Song, RBC Capital Markets, President of the Fudan American Alumni Association (New York); Wenkui Yang, Chairman of Tsinghua Alumni Association of New York, delivered their speech representatively. Subsequently, some of the senior economic and investment experts worked in Wall Street were invited to give a speech on the current global macroeconomy and the capital market. The speakers included Kaifeng Chen, the head of Chinese Trading and Investment Association; Youyu Xu, Co-Founder, LibreMax Capital, LLC; Michael Ning, Managing Director of MacKay Shields LLC. At the end, Ma Jianguo, the president of the Xinhua News Agency at the United Nations, delivered a congratulatory speech. It is worth noting that it is also the birthday of President Ma. The organizer also prepared a birthday-cake for him.

Each year, on the August 15th of the lunar calendar, is the day of Chinese traditional holiday called Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon on this day is the roundest and brightest of the year. Chinese usually enjoy the bright moon, and naturally expect family reunion on this day. The wanderer far away from home would also pin their homesickness on this bright moon.

The event also invited Yang Chen, The MD of BlackRock; Henry Huang, The President of Peking University Alumni Association New York; Zhujun Pan, Vice President of Peking University Alumni Association in New York; Shenghua Hu, Chairman of Silvan Group, former EVP of Citibank China; Dennis Huang, Vice President of Bank of China(NewYork); Xuejun Mao, The President of  China Merchants Bank(New York); Yan Ming, Partnership of Karya Capital ; Zhu Xiang, Managing Director of American Trust; Ralph Chow, Regional Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council(America); Yue Zhong, Chairman of Hunan Economic and Trade Association; Sean Xia, President of US-China Advanced Institute for International Business; Gangqiang Xia, MD of Morgan Stanley, etc … Besides, the partners of Wisdom Global Capital and Wisdom Real Estate including Yang & Associate PC; Ying Cao Law LLC; Andersen Tax; Cindie LLC and were also invited to this event.  More than 40 units and 50 executives together celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, sharing friendship, enhancing cooperation and common development tonight.